Why Choose Us

Life can leave one in a fluster at times, with many directions for us to choose from but without the confidence to take any of them, meaning we can end up feeling confused in seeking a purpose that suits us.

The fact is that we are all capable of fulfilling a role with purpose that makes our life complete, sometimes we just need a little guidance. Life coaching is one way that can help you and a great place to start your search is http://pursuitofpurpose.ca/

This website is an extensive directory of life coaching services and products, pursuitofpurpose.ca is not only a platform to introduce life coaches to the public, but a way for life coaches to interact with potential clients. We noticed there was a void in this niche that needed filling as we understand there is more to finding a suitable life coach than simply scouring through adverts.

Pursuit of purpose allows life coaches to promote their services with additional features like the events page and Q&A pages. These concepts offer a level of interactivity between coaches and potential clients to fully communicate before finalising anything; meaning you know exactly what to expect.

Potential clients will be able to view upcoming events and purchase tickets on each coach’s business profile. These profiles can also be linked to social media profiles, (yes we are 100% up to date with the times!) So for coaches and clients alike who wish to broaden their horizons well in to the future, pursuitofpurpose.ca could be just the thing you need.