Tools to help you focus


It’s not always easy to stay focussed on a task. Whether you’re trying to study, finish a project, or stay in a creative frame of mind, it’s easy to get distracted. These tools however, will help

1. Rescue Time: Gives you a report once a week on how productive you were and how much time was spent on distracting activities. Some of the features include blocking distracting websites for a chosen amount of time, log highlights about what you accomplished that day, and more.

2. Persistence : Persistence is a productivity tool that prevents you from visiting time-wasting sites by motivating and inspiring you to stay focused on your work. Persistence will pause the funny cat video while you work. Among it’s features, my favorite has to be the motivational words that Persistence gives each time one tries to visit a blocked website. Also, it’s free.

3. Vitamin-R. For Mac users, Vitamin-R breaks projects into manageable chunks and reminds you when to stop and take a break.

4. FocusMe: For windows Pc, FocusMe blocks distracting websites, reminds you to take a break, and is highly customizable.

5. Gungho Energy: Gungoho Energy is a product that targets several critical neurotransmitters for a balanced brain boost.

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