Benefits for Coaches

  • Grow your client base
  • Help others find and live their purpose
  • Learn from other coaches

Life/Business coaching can be a very rewarding career, but many new coaches struggle to get their name out there. Building a successful coaching or mentoring business is the same as building any business. If no one knows about your services how can they connect with you? Pursuit of Purpose wants to help you reach out to others and grow your business by giving you a place where you can connect with people who are serious about improving their life in some way.

Professional profile: Coaches are able to build a profile that will let you show off your skills and services. Your profile lets you promote your website and social media accounts. We’re dedicated to making your profile work for you. This is why we’re happy to offer any suggestion that may help your profile stand out in the crowd. Your profile is listed on our open directory. This means even non-members can find and connect with you.

Advertise your services: We’re more than just a directory. We know that promotion is key to any successful business. Our classifieds page lets you promote and offer your services directly to our users. Drive traffic to your site; let people know about an upcoming event; bring more attention to your products and services. Your ad stays up for 30 days, and with your coach membership, there is no extra fee to post an ad.

Submit your event: With your professional membership, you can submit an upcoming event and we’ll place it on our event’s calendar. Submitting an event is simple and can bring more attendees to your event.

Submit your book: We know many coaches have written books that can enrich the lives of our users and we want to help get your book in front of more people. If we feel your book is a good fit to the site we’ll include it in our online book catalogue, where users can browse and purchase the book. Your membership gives you access to the book submission form, so you can increase book sales.

Build trust and credibility: People need to be able to trust and believe in you before they’re going to do business with you. The question and answer page lets users begin to make connections. By participating in the Q&A form, answering user questions, you can establish yourself as the go-to coach in your field. Quickly build trust and increase your client list by doing what you’re already so good at…helping people!

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