Benefits of using a coach

People from all walks of life, with any goal, can benefit from working one on one with a coach. Coaching can help you gain a fresh perspective on personal challenges, increase your confidence and self awareness, improve your decision making, offer insight and solutions for overcoming hurdles keeping you from your goal. Those who use a coach admit to having more satisfaction with life and work as well as reaching their goals.

According to ICF Global Coaching Client Study

70% improved work performance

80% increase in self confidence

73% improvement in relationships

99% of those coached are either somewhat satisfied or very satisfied.

Those number are just the tip of the ice burg. Here at the Pursuit of Purpose we know that using a coach can help you better define your goals or even find out what you were meant to do and how you can put your talents and skills to work.

Maybe there is a dream you’ve always wanted to achieve but have given up on it. A coach can help motivate and reignite your passion for your dreams so they become achievable. Regardless of where you are in your life or where you are going a coach can help.

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