Motivational Mondays: Clear the clutter

Cleaning Dance

Humans are collectors. We go through our lives accumulating as much stuff as possible and it can easily weigh us down.  We are taught to have more, but in many ways less is more.

Your surroundings play a big role in your thinking and productivity. Studies have shown that those who have neat surroundings are generally calmer and more successful at the things they do. You not only have a calmer relationship with those in your life, but you can also increase inner peace and clearer thinking.

We decrease our sense of panic and anxiety that comes from looking at the stuff when we de-clutter as well as gain control over our surroundings.

De-cluttering will not only benefit you however, it can also help someone else. By donating your unused items you’re helping another individual or family. There are countless people who truly need those clothes or dishes that you barely use or have forgotten about. Thrift stores and clothing drives need your stuff and you in turn can feel good about letting go.

If you feel overwhelmed and are not sure where to start, focus on one place or square meter.

Activity: Pick one area, such as your closet, shelf, desk, or even computer and get rid of things. Donate items that could be of use to others. Toss out broken or expired things and find a place for your remaining items that will keep them in order. Make it a family project and get everyone to clear just one area of their surroundings.


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