Motivational Monday: Recognizing your achievements

You’ve taken risks

Made changes

Reached out

Let go

Pushed past fear

Learned new skills

The list could go on, but maybe you haven’t taken the time to recognize all the things you did this year. They may not seem that important while you’re doing them, but they are and they deserve to be recognized.

You may not have reached your exact goal. Maybe you’re still trying to figure out  what you want. But in the process of living, you’ve managed to accomplish a great deal and all those things are helping you get closer to your goal and the happiness you deserve.

Taking a moment to recognize our achievements, big and small, helps in several ways:

1. It boosts our confidence in our self and our ability. When you realize that you have already done positive things or overcome challenges you gain a confidence that you can do it again, and again, and again.

2. You see you’re progress. Unless you know how far you’ve come, it’s hard to motivate yourself to keep going. But when you can look back and see that you have made progress, and are growing, you only want to keep moving forward.

3. You begin to see that things really are possible. The beauty of achieving a goal is the faith it gives you. You start to see that with your efforts, the right help, and God, you can achieve what you want.

Activity: Make a list of at least 2 things that you achieved this year. eg. Finally took that dream vacation, began working towards my life’s purpose.

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