Motivational Monday: Recognizing your achievements

You’ve taken risks Made changes Reached out Let go Pushed past fear Learned new skills The list could go on, but maybe you haven’t taken the time to recognize all the things you did this year. They may not seem that important while you’re doing them, but they are and they deserve to be recognized. […]

Motivational Mondays: Clear the clutter

Humans are collectors. We go through our lives accumulating as much stuff as possible and it can easily weigh us down. ¬†We are taught to have more, but in many ways less is more. Your surroundings play a big role in your thinking and productivity. Studies have shown that those who have neat surroundings are […]

Motivational Mondays: Focussing on your strengths

The sad fact is many people don’t see their value. They don’t know their worth, and they don’t know what they are good at. When I first started in the self-help industry I noticed that many of the so called gurus were actually promoting negative thinking. Most people are forced, daily, to think of their […]