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Skills Application Coaching

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It’s no secret that we’re all good at something but we don’t always know how to put our skills and strengths to good use. Skills application coaching will awaken your hidden talents, help you become more self aware, learn to effectively apply your strengths to various areas of your life and become better equipped to face and solve life’s challenges.

Outcomes of these sessions include
-Discovering what your calling is
-Confidently making decisions
-Finding your career path
-A greater sense of self and boosted self esteem
-Learning the best approach for solving YOUR problems
-Becoming more positive
-Learning your communication style
-And much more
How it works:
There are seven sections to this program. Each section will help you grow a deeper awareness for yourself and your strengths.
You are not obligated to book for each section, but clients that do get the most out of the program.
You cannot skip sections, but you can pause and resume your program at any time as your file will remain open until you finish the program

Most clients will book each section on a weekly basis, others prefer to do the program within one week, thus covering a section each day.

At the end of each session, you are emailed a file that contains a breakdown of what was covered and key points to remember about your strengths and how to apply them.

Clients find these documents especially helpful because it gives them tangible steps and resources for using their skills to reach their goals and they are not forced to remember everything covered by heart.

They also refer to them in future sessions.

This is an individualized program. No two people will receive the same information or assessment. It’s all about you!

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