10 Ways to Avoid Sabotaging Your New Year’s Resolution


Studies show that by mid February most people will have given up or pretend they never set a resolution.┬áTo help you avoid becoming a statistic, here are 10 ways to avoid sabotaging your new year’s resolution.

1. Only set one resolution. Instead of giving yourself a whole list of goals to achieve this year, choose just one thing you want to seriously focus on.

2. Give yourself a realistic deadline. The average goal takes 3 months to see measurable results. Therefore, don’t expect instant results or push yourself too hard. However, you want to make sure that you do in fact set a deadline. When you know you have a due date, you’re more likely to work towards it.

3. Don’t follow others. Just because everyone else is making resolutions to lose weight doesn’t mean you have to. You may be perfectly content with your body. You don’t have to go looking for flaws just so you can make a resolution. Your resolution may be to keep things the way they are.

4. Give yourself a ‘why.‘ Your ‘why’ is your purpose and benefit for achieving your goal. It should be personal. If you are trying to get in shape, ask yourself why. Is it tone up so you feel more confident at the beach; is it so you can play with your kids, or so you can fit back into your clothes. By giving yourself a brief reason for wanting to complete your new year’s resolution you give yourself a focus and motivation.

5. Don’t go it alone. Even if your new year’s resolution is a personal habit you’re trying to change, don’t feel you have to keep it yourself. Talk to people who have achieved your goal or one similar to it. Also, look for other resources to get information and advice. This lets you avoid any mistakes that sabotage your success.

6. Post your resolution somewhere visible. Instead of simply saying “I want to get in shape, so I can fit into my little black dress,” write it down and place it somewhere you’ll see it every day. This helps to lock the goal in your mind until you reach it.

7. Track your milestones. Each time you do something towards your goal make a note of it. When we see how much we are doing to improve our lives, it helps to keep us excited.

8. Use your talents. Each of us has a talent that we can apply to our goal. If you are naturally very organized, you can use that skill to help you get in shape by organizing meal plans and keeping a record of what you eat and when you work out. Just because you are working to improve something, doesn’t mean you should ignore all the things you already do well.

9. Share your resolution. Vocalizing your goals helps to reconfirm their importance to you. Once you have taken a few steps towards your new year’s resolution, share it with someone. Let them know what you want to achieve and by when. This works especially well if you tell someone that will hold you to it, since we don’t want to look like a failure in the eyes of others.

10. Take breaks. If all you do is work towards your goal, you’ll wear yourself out. Make sure you have a few days where you simply relax and let things be. This lets you recharge, and secretly celebrate all your hard work.

Just because most people will forget their resolutions by February, doesn’t mean you have to. Use the tips above to help you avoid sabotaging your new year’s resolution.


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